Taking storytelling from print to the web. All the way.​

Periodical is a set of simple tools enabling publishers to take publications online. Not by the minute, but issue by issue as well-crafted and thoughtfully composed releases.

The tool-set enables cover to cover storytelling made for the web and accessible to anyone. With an easy to access navigation, high discoverability, and a premium quality reading experience.

Read more about our values in our manifesto.

A true digital alternative to print.

Unless you really need to do a print version, there’s no need to do the same work twice. Skip InDesign and forget all about PDF’s. Simply design the experience for the web directly with all the added benefits of digital in mind.

Let your content live forever.

Periodical offers a perfect way to present magazine back issues online. Share them with the world to drive new subscribers, or  with subscribers only, to give them that little extra.

Get wiser with data and feedback​.

Get day to day data about readers and performance and consider the opportunity for direct feedback to get to know much more about how readers receive and engage with your content.

Reach and engage new readers​.

While your articles live in the bigger story of your publication with Periodical, they also live on the web, in a much wider context. This way you can reach far beyond your current readership and engage readers in new ways.

Slow down.​

Slow down. Offer the calmness, the immersion, and the space for deeper insights and experiences to your readers online. Not by the minute. But issue by issue.

Based on Solid technology.

Built for the free, open-source platform WordPress our tools leverage some of the most extensively tested technology of the web. More than 71 million people use WordPress to power around half of the World’s websites.

Adapt to any visual identity and editorial profile.​

Being based on WordPress publishers keep full ownership of their content, and we can offer a tool-set, adaptable to any visual identity and editorial profile in any language.

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